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We've got a passion for creating--and perfecting--the ultimate multimedia chair! Since BoomChair® is the world's inventor of gaming chairs, you know you're getting the best experience available anywhere. Brace yourself for the ultimate heart-pounding gaming adventure. BoomChair® is designed by gamers for gamers and incorporates the latest technology that will allow you to FEEL the action like never before.Tap into the mind-blowing sound system for your movies and music too. BoomChair® connects with any of your multi-media devices that have audio outputs. Submerse yourself in every explosion and action scene! If you've got a Boom Chair® you already know what we're talking about. If you're new to Boom Chair®, welcome, and prepare to be blown away. As always, we welcome any unique and cool product ideas. If you would like to share your design or experience with us, please e-mail salesinfo@lumisource.com and we'll take a look.

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